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These sessions are especially crafted to each individual - not to provide you with images that just remind you of how you all stood still doing your best smile whilst saying ‘cheeeeese’ through your gritted teeth but instead to provoke emotion. The feeling of the day when we went on an adventure together on the beach, splashed in the sea, built castles in the sand and caught reflections in the water. The feeling of the day when we went to the woods and went on a bear hunt, found fairies and butterflies, saw birds and ‘bears’. The time I came to your house as you all played, snuggled and laughed in the light of the sunshine poking it’s way into your window. That time when all of the family travelled the world to spend a weekend together and you caught up on all fun and joy that it brought just being together. The way you felt when you brought your newborn baby home, their skin, their wrinkles and just how new they looked. The first time your baby had a cake and smothered it all over their face.

Your photo session will be about the most important thing, you. You , your family, your children. Whoever it’s for, these images will remind of you of a wonderful time. They’ll be memories you can cherish, hold on to and pass on for years and years.

Each session is entirely different and tailored to suit you. When you’re ready to have your memories captured, we can talk about a location and a time. If you’d love to have an adventure outdoors then think of your favourite place, a place that makes your soul sing and that you feel really comfortable in. This may be in the woods, the seaside, the moors. Wherever it is, I’m happy to travel there.
You may want to have a session in the comfort of your own home instead. I will come to you, play, chat and have fun with you all whilst capturing beautiful, natural moments.

Each session carries a fee of £30. This covers the time of your session and the time put in to individually editing your images to provide you with beautiful finished products. After the editing of your photos is finished, you will be able to arrange a time for me to visit you at home and bring your photos to you so you can relive the memories. In this viewing, you may want to choose a package (laid out below), there will also be a selection of beautifully crafted wall art and albums made from luxury materials available to add to a package should you wish to.
The £30 session fee will be deducted from any extras you purchase.



All high resolution, fully edited images presented on a beautiful, wooden USB.
15 luxury 8x6” prints.
£50 to spend towards wall art or albums.




10 high resolution, fully edited images presented on a beautiful, wooden USB.
10 matching luxury 8x6” prints.




5 high resolution, fully edited images presented on a beautiful, wooden USB.
5 Matching luxury 8x6” prints.


Beautiful Wall Art and Albums start at £130

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