OK…so I’ve just realised that the last I blogged was in June…LAST YEAR. I am officially the worst. I’m not promising that I’ll get any better at blogging because in all honesty, I get so caught up in the excitement of every session and wedding and all of the lovely moments that I just, you know, forget. But…. I will try.

So, kicking off 2019 in style I’m starting with these absolute beauties; Tori and David. Their wedding day was held at the gorgeous Muddifords Court on an absolute scorcher of a Summer’s day. I had previously met with these two on their engagement session so I knew that their wedding was going to be spectacular but I underestimated the amount of pure love that would have been poured into every single detail. A wonderful treat for your eyes, these guys thought of lit-er-ally eveeeerything. Aside from the absolutely beautiful decorations and amazing bride and groom, the emotion, the love and happiness that just radiated the whole day was what made this wedding a fantastic one.