This is something I am seriously passionate about. I believe so much in every session but family sessions in particular are something that are just magical.
It’s just you and your children exploring nature, or playing in your home - connecting with each other. SO many mums and dads take endless photos on their phones of their families but can you honestly say that you’re both in most of the family photos? I bet not.

Each family session is tailored to suit your needs, we can either talk over ideas on the phone or we can do it all over email but I want to know what your family loves, the place that makes your heart skip a beat, where you really love being. There’s not a time limit to family sessions, I want your family to feel comfortable enough with me to be themselves and sometimes, this takes time.

Don’t ever be afraid to bring anything with you which means a lot to you, that your kids love or you know will make awesome photos. If you have children who are obsessed with riding their bikes then bring them (the bikes, I’m hoping you’ll remember your kids hehe) . If you pretty much live your life in the back of a campervan over the summer weekends then lets do some of your session in there, if you have a vintage blanket that’s been in your family for years - drag it along! There’s nothing that we can’t incorperate to a session. Especially things that really show your personalities and who you are as family. When you look back at your photos in years to come, it’s so special to remember those toys your child was obsessed with or that dress that you never wanted to take off.

So why do you need a family session? Because your beautiful connection is something that needs to be documented, because your children won’t ever be as little as they are now, because you are all so loved and so very beautiful, because your children won’t cherish anything you give them right now as much as they will cherish these photos when they’re older, because these moments will be loved, kept and passed on for years and years, because you don’t want to look back and realise that you’re the only one missing in all of your family albums.

If you haven’t yet taken the leap of a photo session then take it now, and take it with both hands.