Being a Mummy myself, I know how hard it can be when you enter the madness that is Parenthood. You lose friends, you gain friends, you lose weight, you gain weight, you lose sleep and it’s likely that’s never gained back. Your whole body changes, your whole life changes and everything you have ever known changes.
Children are these little magical, wonderful beings that just turn your world upside down and all the way around in the most amazing way but often, in being a parent you can really lose yourself.

The amount of parents I speak to who now suffer with anxiety, low moods or just generally feel absolutely broken from a huge lack of sleep is just incredible. It’s so good that this is talked about more because when you feel like that, support is the thing you really want, well actually need the most. Knowing that they are so many people out there feeling the same way makes that overwhelming feeling lift a little.

What upsets me the most in this profession is the amount of parents who say ‘I won’t be in the photos this time, wait until I’ve lost weight’, ‘I won’t be in these ones, wait until I look better’, ‘I won’t be in these photos, I look too tired’ because all I see when I look at them is people so full of love for their children and children bursting with love for their parents.

You may think you’re carrying more weight than before, you may think you look tired, you may think that maybe there’ll be another chance. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Bodies change. You’re probably surviving on less sleep now than you ever dreamed imaginable. You look amazing now, not just on another day but now. No matter how you feel about yourself, you just need to find happiness in the fact that you have carried/raised tiny humans. Tiny humans that are growing into bigger humans that will always admire and look up to you. When the tiny humans growing into bigger humans grow into the biggest humans - they are going to want to see you. See the wonderful body you had after carrying them and raising them, see the joy in your face for just living in the moment and joining in on the fun, see the wonderful parent that you are.

I know you might not feel yourself right now, I know that things can feel really tough and sometimes even getting dressed in the morning can feel like the hardest task but it all just gets better. You’re doing the best job in the world, raising and shaping people. Give yourself a break and love yourself more. It’s ok not to feel ok but that doesn’t make you any less of the amazing person that you are.❤