So you’ve just had a baby - congratulations! The chances are you are pretty damn tired and broken. Your body is trying to repair itself and your baby is trying to adjust to this new world that they’ve been thrown in to. The nights seem so long and the days are all a blur this time right here, it’s magical. It all feels like such a whirlwind of emotions but it also goes so fast and before you know it, your tiny little baby who you can’t ever imagine being out of your arms will be charging around the house, bossing you around and causing mass destruction.

These baby times are precious and when you feel tired, sore but absolutely besotted with this new life you’ve created - this is the most perfect time to capture the magical (and sometimes crazy) bubble you’re in. Now, I don’t expect you to pack half of your house and the kitchen sink up in a changing bag to bring yourselves all to me but instead I come to you. Your home, your sanctuary - where you and your baby feel relaxed and safe. I won’t force you into lots of unnatural poses but I’ll guide you to make the most of your home and give you beautiful memories of this precious time.

You don’t need to have a show home - your house is perfect however it looks because this is the place you’ve grown your baby on the inside and where it will flourish on the outside. You may redecorate, you may move home and when you look back on these images you’ll get that beautiful flutter in your tummy of the memories when your darling baby was tiny and of the home you adored.

I’m happy to travel anywhere so if you’d like an at home session - just pop me a message and I’ll get right back to you.