When I suggest meeting around 7/7.30pm for a session I am often met with a ‘ahhh man that’s crazy’. I totally get it’s the kids bedtime, it’s getting closer and closer to that time where you finally get to sit down for 5 minutes peace but….just loooooook. Ok, so we don’t always get golden light but when we do it’s like fairies dancing in glitter - freaking magical ♥

If you have ever thought of having a session at this time, but fear risking the chance of your children acting like raving loonies or missing out on that precious down time then just remember it’s only for one evening and the results with not only be amazing but they’ll be perfect.

There’s so many places where this beautiful light makes for great photos; the woods for one - imagine all of this golden light dappling through all of the crisp leaves and shining all it’s warmth on your skin.
The beach - I mean, I don’t even really need to explain how magical this light is shimmering on the water and making the sand even more golden and you can all walk along barefoot with the breeze blowing your hair.
And I’m going to throw in a curveball and say your home too - this light catches all the tiny dust particles and all this things sparkly to create pretty little pockets of beauty in your home. Add in your gorgeous family with lots of hugs and smiles and you have a set of wall worthy images.

Without further ado I’m going to show off this wonderful Mumma with her absolutely adorable little boy ❤